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The Size Inclusivity Effect: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

The Size Inclusivity Effect: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

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Size inclusivity has become an increasingly important topic in the fashion industry. People of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel confident and beautiful in the clothes they wear, including lingerie and swimwear. However, the lack of size inclusivity in these areas of fashion has been a longstanding issue, with many brands failing to cater to the needs of their plus-size customers. In this blog, we will explore why size inclusivity is important for lingerie and swimwear.

Why Size Inclusivity is Important?

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Lingerie and swimwear are two areas of fashion where body positivity is particularly important. These are garments that are designed to be worn close to the skin, and they can be incredibly revealing. For people who don't conform to the traditional beauty standards, shopping for lingerie and swimwear can be a daunting experience. The lack of size inclusivity in these areas of fashion can make people feel excluded, unwelcome, and unrepresented.
It is even more the case with the sexy lingerie and sexy swimwear industry. Sexy can be accessible to every shapes, every sizes and every ages.
Mapalé have its own collection for curvy women for sexy lingerie and swimwear.

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Furthermore, wearing lingerie and swimwear that doesn't fit properly can be uncomfortable and even painful. It can cause chafing, pinching, and digging into the skin. This is particularly true for people who have larger busts or hips, as these areas of the body require more support and coverage. By offering a wider range of sizes, brands can ensure that everyone can find a garment that fits comfortably and feels good to wear

At Mapalé our goal is to provide women of all shapes, sizes, and ages the possibility to feel empowered and sexy with our collections. Fashion should be available at an affordable price and a great quality to everybody without discrimination.

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