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The Lingerie Effect: Behind close doors? Not anymore.

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Mapale is always thinking about you when creating new innovative lingerie garments. Bodysuits, babydoll, bra sets, teddies, 2-in-1 outfits, and even swimwear are made to ensure that you will look your best in it. It can be worn inside or outside. Our goal is to make you feel confident in Mapale garments. Wearing lingerie as outerwear can sometimes require a lot of confidence, and our designers understood that concept and translated the idea for all body shapes. This is why we created lingerie that can be worn not only in your most intimate moments but also at a restaurant, club, or just strolling through the city.

Wearing underwear as outerwear is becoming a gesture of confidence and self-love. Mapale focuses on producing the best fitting products that will give you the boost of confidence that you sometimes need. Quality and fit are the main focus of our brand. Great quality lingerie will ensure your peace of mind when using bra sets or bodysuits as your outfit.

The detailing on our lingerie is elevating your style and make you shine. We aim to satisfy all our customers, by embracing inclusivity and diversity. The ultimate goal of lingerie should be to make you feel that you are capable of everything and can achieve anything.

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