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The Lingerie Effect: Teddy or Bodysuit? That is the question.

The Lingerie Effect: Teddy or Bodysuit? That is the question.

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Teddies and bodysuits? What are the differences and similarities between those two lingerie items?

Both are considered as lingerie and one is a bit sexier and private than the other. These styles are different than bras and panties as they are a one piece lingerie item. It usually covers the full torso and can be crotchless, have a snap crotch or an hook and eye at the bottom.

Teddies are usually sexier than bodysuits as they were supposed to be only used in the bedroom as a glamour and seductive product. A bodysuits is similar to a teddy but can also be worn as part of an outfit. Nowadays, more and more teddies and bodysuits are being used as outerwear in different events such as festivals and raves but also in everyday mundane tasks.

Teddies and bodysuits nowadays are divided in different types:

  • Sexy Teddies and Bodysuits
    Usually bought as a bedroom item to share a private moment with your partner. The popular color for those products are in general black. Black teddies and bodysuits are the most popular item. However, the use of bolder color such as spring colors is also a good surprise.
    One of our best selling sexy teddy is the Wrapped in Mesh Bodysuit, a see-through teddy with underwire for support, adjustable straps and crotch fastening as well as a detachable harness.

    Some of the sexiest pieces are the open cup teddies, they are extremely revealing for the breast. They can be strappy and high legged but also soft with a peek-a-boo feel. Our Arousing Open-cup and Back Lace Teddy is a great example of open cup teddy.

    Another prime sexy items are the crotchless teddies, an easy access to all private parts offers a perfect style for the bedroom. As well as backless teddies such as the Mapale's Bombshell Neon Sheer Teddy, body in nude tulle, strappy design on the back and ring accessories with a backless bottom.

  • Soft cup or underwire teddies and bodysuits.
    One of the main point when buying a teddy or a bodysuit is to decide if support is wanted or not. Underwire teddies are offering a better support for the breasts than a soft cup item. As an example our Vibrant Red Floral Black Satin Outlined Bodysuit is a great fitted bodysuit that offers support with its underwire.

    Another great options for support can be a cupped bodysuit. Our Mapale collection include lots of teddies and bodysuits with different type of cups, soft cups, underwire, stretch lace, cupped. 


Now it's time for you to choose your favorite Mapale's Bodysuit:
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